The texture of relief carving creates a feature of highlight and shadow that breathes the very life of its natural grain into your furniture or interior design project. These hand carved wooden appliqués, corbels and features can be fixed easily to all surfaces.

Decorative Wood Corbels

The use of decorative corbels enables homeowners, interior decorators, architects, designers and builders to add decorative features of taste and distinction to their woodwork.

Corbels or brackets are designed to lend support, highlight the relief construction of the woodwork and provide decoration.  Corbels are ideally suited for: -

1.       Case cabinetry

2.       Bar front decoration. 

3.       Fire surround decoration and shelf support

4.       Millwork / Woodwork accent detail

5.       Architectural facades

corbels in oak, pine, maple and cherryDecorative corbels from Wild Goose Carvings are available in a choice of five sustainable solid woods; Pine, Ash, Maple, Oak and Cherry mdf fire surroundwood. Our core stock is in pine wood, all items are available in pine.

Hand carved corbels in solid pine wood provide a wonderful means of decorating all other materials and surfaces. This example shows how Wild Goose Carvings can be effectively mounted onto Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)



Choose your style of decorative pine wood corbel:

1         Classical - the classical range of corbels provides a wide range of medium sized corbel brackets that are particularly suited to Fireplace Surround Decor and cabinetry.

2         Jubilee - the clear straight lines of this design are available in a scaled range of sizes suitable for cabinets, architectural façades, fireplaces and ceiling decoration.

3            Art Deco - Modern style of support bracket providing maximum depth of projection for its size. This design presents the home maker with "something different".

4           Pierced/Fret Carved - Pierced carved corbels otherwise known as 'fret carved support brackets', provide a resplendent yet light feature with maximum projection.

5          Appliqué - Small detail corbel brackets. They can be used where only a shallow depth of projection is required or as a dentil style repeat pattern.

6         Architectural - Large corbels of grandeur suitable for prestigious interior works, hotels and bars in a variety of design styles.

7            Ceiling Corbels provide an elegant feature in the hall, stairway and auditorium. Traditionally they have greater depth in comparison to their height than shelf support corbels. 

8              Plain corbels – Elegant yet simple corbels with minimal detail, available in a variety of sizes.  Perfect for cabinets, fireplaces or interiors.


Select the Correct Size of Decorative Wooden Corbel

Here's How to Do It

Step One:  Measure the dimensions of your woodwork.

Step Two: Consider the optimum size of the decorative carved corbel which your  design  requires.

Step Three: Scroll through the Wild Goose Carvings list of 'corbels' and choose the right one for your job. Kindly note that larger sized decorative corbel brackets are displayed under the 'Architectural’ section of the online catalogue

Remember, measure twice and choose once

  • Always carefully measure the depth of the projecting shelf or overhanging structure and ensure that you select a carved corbel with the correct thickness of depth.
  • Measure the width of the vertical back support onto which the corbel is to be mounted before selection. - You should ideally have at least 1/2" free on each side for medium sized cabinetry corbels.
  • Measure the overall height of the vertical surface and consider your preferred height of carved corbel.
  • Inspect the specifications of the corbels you require on the Wild Goose Carvings web site and select your corbel.
  • You can check that it will fit correctly by cutting a piece of cardboard or paper to model the size of the corbel you have chosen.

Can I paint or add a finish to my corbels/mouldings?

All of our corbels and appliqués are supplied ‘in the raw’, with no varnish or wax, ready for your required finish.  We recommend using a light wax for the best results, but all our items will take wood stain, paint or whichever finish you require.

Decorative Wood Onlays and Wooden Appliqués 

What is an "appliqué?"

A carved wooden onlay or appliqué is an individual piece of decorative relief carving which can be laid flat and secured to a surface with adhesive. It lends a decorative or ornamental effect to the surface on which it is applied.

‘Appliqué’ (pronounced – app-lee-kay) is a European term for wood onlay - it's effectively the same thing. There are many alternative names such as; ornamentals, decoratives, relief carving, rosettes, medallions and mouldings / moldings (American spelling).

The natural wood finish and truly hand crafted quality of hand carved onlays and appliqués provide a richly enhanced decorative effect to all forms of millwork, interior carpentry and furniture. They are beautiful to admire, easy to fix in place, highly cost effective and immediately available over the internet fresh from the hand of the master craftsman.

What types of wood are onlays/appliqués supplied in?

A selection of our onlays and appliqués are available in a choice of five sustainable solid woods; Pine, Ash, Maple, Oak and Cherry.  Our core stock is in pine wood, all items are available in pine.

How do I use carved onlays?

Our decorative wood appliqués are easily attached with a spot of wood glue – easy as that!  Larger items may require fixing with wood pins or small nails.  Our onlays and appliqués can be easily applied to wood, MDF or wood composite, plaster, plastic and other building materials. Use the carvings to highlight an area such as the centre of a cabinet or a bed headboard or on either side of a fireplace.  Your imagination is the limit…!

natural wood finish

Craftsmans tip - Route out a rebate to approximately the same depth as the carving to be highlighted plus a couple of centimetres wider in diameter.  Fix the carving to lie flat inside the rebate, gluing it in place. It will appear to have been carved directly into the surrounding wood.

What are my style options of decorative hand carved onlays?

The Wild Goose Carvings range of wooden appliqués and decorative components are supplied in five different design styles.

·          Themed (Acorns, Ribbons and Celtic):  An inspiring range of distinctive themed wood carvings depicting the oak leaf, ribbon and bow and the Celtic knot.




·          Classical:  Classic moldings of timeless style – from simple decorative reliefs to ornate swags and brackets.





·          Grape/ Vineleaf:  Classic style vine leaf spandrels, motifs and reliefs a homage to Bacchus, the Roman God of food and wine.




·          Victorian/Old world: Carved motifs and appliqués based on Victorian era embellishments from stately homes and grand constructions.





·          Urns and Swags:  English country cottage style wooden reliefs for fireplaces and cabinetry depicting floral swags and classic urns, ideally suited to fireplace decoration.


·          Flowers and Rosettes:  Our selection of classical style wood floral motifs and rosettes are designed to add a touch of elegance to any woodworking project.



Individual decorative carvings from each of the above style groups or families can be mixed and matched as required to create your desired ornamental effect and provide a finishing touch of elegance for home decoration.



Hand carved decorative column capitals bring the crowning glory to upright support columns.

First impressions count.

So make the entrance look great! Column Capitals have been prized by builders of magnificent colonnades since the dawn of civilization.

ionic capital

Now you can create your own colonnaded feature to make your home fit for a king.       

Suitable for home fitting;-

  • Porticos
  • Prestige Entrances
  • Bars
  • Library Facade
  • Halls
  • Interior Standing Columns.

What is a Corinthian Column Capital?

Corinthian Column Capitals are decorative capitals of the highest classical order. These magnificent carvings were developed by Greek sculptors for the classical colonnades of Ancient Corinth. They are characterized by their four-cornered "cocked hat" scrolls. The scrolls project outwards bisecting the angle at each corner and create a widened top that acts as a support for a lintel or entablature.

The very earliest records of any one making a column capital at all are in ancient
Egypt where the wider top of the support was originally shaped like an open lily flower.

Making your own capital with wild Goose Carvings.

range of column capitals

  Wild Goose Carvings supplies a range of decorative carved capitals to fit round columns of 2" diameter to  7 1/2" diameter in a variety of styles. Shallow depth capitals may be more suitable for fire surround usage.

Upright columns can be made from a variety of materials suitable to your job in hand

Pine wood Column Capitals can be fitted on top of columns of all materials

  • wood


  • masonry render
    column capital
  • tubular plastic  
  • metal


If preferred, a half column can be used either side of the doorway or fire surround. The half column will stand against a wall or other vertical surface.

The architect's term for a half column is a pilaster.


Pilaster Capitals are hand carved in the Ionic style

Ionic style capitals are characterized by their simplified lines. On each side their two scrolls are symmetrical and are on the same horizontal and vertical planes. Since they are shallower by the nature of their design than the protruding scroll of the Corinthian style, then `Ionic capitals are better suited as a capping to the more shallow pilaster, or half depth column.

Easy to fit

Ionic Pilaster Capitals from Wild Goose Carvings are easy to fit as decoration to pilasters or half columns.

Hand Carved Decorative Pilaster Capitals create the finishing touch of taste and elegance for your home.

A Decorative Pilaster or half column is suitable for prestige decoration of:-

  • Fireplace Surround Decor
  • Door surround
  • Archway or window façade
  • Cupboard or shelf front
  • Bar feature
  • Display fitting
    mini pilaster
  • Interior paneling

A range of Pilaster Capitals in the Ionic Style.

Pilaster columns are usually rectangular in section. The range of pilaster capitals available from Wild Goose Carvings will fit rectangular section upright pilasters or half columns specifying 2" to 9" width.

To purchase any of these designs simply follow the links to the catalogue pages on the right hand side of this page.  For any sales queries feel free to contact us via the details on the contact us page.