Not just survival but regeneration. The future well being of the aforested ecosystem is a responsibility of all involved in the wooden furniture industry.

Solid wooden decoratives provide an advantage in the fight to reduce the environmental impact of furniture manufacture and cabinetry upon the world's forestry ecostructure in a way that has yet to be fully recognised by the industry itself.

The wood content of composite board material, per square metre, may itself cause less felling of timber in the forests than supplying an equal quantity of solid clear timber as production material for case furniture, Fireplace Surround Decor and beds. This is a key factor in the environmental credentials of sheet material along with its economy of use. A disadvantage is that the public appreciation of the appearance of sheet material cabinetry may be lower than for solid wood.

However, the eye-catching elegance of small details of solid wood decorative carving when applied to cabinetry made from composite board material, by itself raises equally the perception of the beauty of a piece of decorated furniture and so also its value. This advantage alone effectively makes it more appealing for furniture manufacturers and interior designers to choose environmentally benevolent composite board material.

Wild Goose Carvings provides its designer decoratives in a choice of five sustainable solid woods; Pinewood, Chinese Oak (a lookalike substitute for English or American oak that is generically a brown Ash), North American cultivated Maple, Cherry wood or Red Oak.

As suppliers of hand carved solid wooden decoratives, the company is committed to Environmental Protection, is an Equal Opportunities Employer and makes every effort to ensure that its purchases offer Fair Trading to its chain of suppliers.