Welcome to Wild Goose Carvings, the home of hand carved wooden decoratives for all your furniture manufacturing, architectural and millwork needs. Suppliers of hand crafted corbels, brackets, appliqués, architectural moldings, decorative motifs, ionic and Corinthian capitals and more.

Customers can browse our site by product category on the left hand side - or by wood species on the right hand side.

Our core stock is supplied in pine wood with an ever expanding selection in other woods including ash, cherry, maple and red oak. Each item in our catalogue has a shopping basket icon which you can click on to add any product to your basket. Quantities can be amended at checkout or by using the 'increase quantity' or 'decrease quantity' icon which can also be found beneath the catalogue item.

You can also search our site by using keywords such as; corbels, appliqués, Victorian, table legs etc. Or if you know the product you are looking for you can simply enter one of our 3 digit product codes ie; 719, 425 - you will need to enter these individually omitting the wood prefix ie; PN, AS etc.

This website contains 'dynamic' web pages - so if left unattended for a while it may become unresponsive. We recommend simply closing your browser window and then re-opening and entering the website.

New products are being added all the time so keep an eye on the 'New Products' section. We currently stock a selection of hand wrought, rose headed iron nails for reproduction flooring, beams/joists and doors. Upcoming features include marble fireplace surrounds and fireplace fenders.

Pine, Oak, Ash, Maple and Cherry corbels and carvings

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